Saturday, 17 January 2015

World Scale

I just want to show how big the world is in GearGod in this video. I would also like to mention the multi-sample anti-aliasing feature added to the game. This gets rid of the ugly outlines on the shapes in the game making a smoother look.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. It's time to give it a new article with lots of new content from our dev team. Once again I want to say that we've done a huge improvement to this game since the last update. The new addition includes, new planets, items can now be picked up, new ships, new UI detail, the inventory system is now fully functional, and more! Keep reading...

New items:
In the past we're not able to interact with the items in the map, now we can pick up the packages and equip them in our inventory. We've been working on this since the last update and we've perfected the system. See the image below to see it in action.

New ship, new UI details:
We've added new ships that we can use in the alpha, including battle cruiser & destroyer models. We are planning to have all the ships accessible for alpha so the players can play with them.

Players in the game:
We've now made the server add other players into the game. Players can also communicate through chat.

We've fully integrated the whole list of maps into the game. It's only a matter of designing their content now. See the list below for the map names.

We've also made a few soundtracks for the game including the main soundtrack!

If you have any suggestions, request, please fill out the comment section!

Proxima Centauri   
Barnard's Star   
GI 729   
Lacaille 8760   
Lacaille 9352   
Indigo Fowl   
GI 752   
Delta Pavonis
NN 4285
Beta Hydri
Zeta Tucanae
Omega One
Rabya Cobbo
Stigma 4
Stigma 2
Olia Dewutra
Loda Ryde
GI 595
GI 618
GI 667
Hip 86961
36 Ophiuchi
V1054 Ophiuchi
Hip 82724
Page Tear
Daff Ideom
Mu Herculis
Yubeh Star
GJ 1227
NN 4053
GI 623
GI 747
GI 745
EQ Pegasi
Nillon Youd
GJ 1289
GI 892
Eta Cassiopeia
Mu Cassiopeia
Minsha Dorg
Yolnia Ponta
HU Dolphini
GJ 1286
GJ 1276
Oin Sa Wai
Lu Weep
Yubi Porra
Agea Las
Hip 15689
Risotus Novus
NN 3323
Ramiderc Beta
OL Aquarii
Van Maanen's Star
Carni Barron
Tau Ceti
NN 3522
WX Ursae Majoris
DX Cancri
Groombridge 1618
Luyten's Star
GI 338
Carrinod Tertius
Lalande 21185
GL 213
GI 268
GJ 1105
Bamiderc Alpha
AD Leonis
Rablaor Kan
Carrinod Secundus
41 Arae

Friday, 2 January 2015

Bluprints System - Now Available

We've implemented the "Blueprints" system for building ships in the hangar. The bluprints can be traded between players and players can use the blueprints to build their ships.

More information on this soon!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A rough demonstration of the Inventory/Cargo Bay

Saturday, 27 December 2014

The inventory works as well as the hangar! Just a quick update for you all who are subscribed to the blog. Thanks so much for the support. There's more to come soon!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Hangar Works!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Update 20/12/14: The Map, The storyline, & more!

Hi! We've got exciting updates to display on this blog. We've done a lot since the last update. To name a few: we've integrated multi-threading on the server application, we've somewhat finalized the UI (now semi-functional), we've integrated the resource loading system, we've also integrated additional sample starships/shuttles (shuttle, and frigates), and we've finally settled with a map! See below for more information.

The Map:

We've been doing research about starmaps recently and we found this gem. It looks like it's going to be the map for GearGod. We've made up a simple yet an ingenius backstory for the game's storyline which the players can relate to as a guide while playing the game.
We will reveal this story once we've got a clear vission of each of the chapters. We've not yet finalized this aspect but it's safe to say that we know what we want. It's going to be epic!

The story will feature 5 factions including the factions that exist in Star Trek & Eve Online: the Caldarri, Amarr, Dominion, Federation, & Cardasians.

Server Multi-threading:

We've implemented multi-threading on our server to improve efficiency. Our goal is defeat lag which is common in single thread server applications. For this we've split the server tasks in sections: login, data i/o, & gameserver.

The login thread will be responsible for all task related to players joining, & leaving the game. The data i/o will be responsible for all task related to saving player data (statistics, inventory, quests). The gameserver thread will be responsible for all task running in realt time (player coordinates, mobs spawn, mobs coordinates, etc).

Other Updates:
We are happy with our progress. We've done quite a lot since the last update. We've managed to make work the visual grid inventory system, the login system, the 3D lighting effects, and the zoom-in & out effect for customized views.

Check out below for the snapshots.

We are very excited about this game. We hope that you are too! We are looking forward to releasing the alpha version as soon as we're ready!

If you've got any suggestions that might help this project, please let us know on the comments!

The login works: it prevents unauthorized logins and will let go authenticated users.

The Inventory works perfectly. We've picked up a few different sized items and they filled the storage where they can fit depending on their size. If an item requires 6 boxes, it will search for a vacant slot where 6 boxes (3 x 2) are unused.