Saturday, 20 December 2014

Update 20/12/14: The Map, The storyline, & more!

Hi! We've got exciting updates to display on this blog. We've done a lot since the last update. To name a few: we've integrated multi-threading on the server application, we've somewhat finalized the UI (now semi-functional), we've integrated the resource loading system, we've also integrated additional sample starships/shuttles (shuttle, and frigates), and we've finally settled with a map! See below for more information.

The Map:

We've been doing research about starmaps recently and we found this gem. It looks like it's going to be the map for GearGod. We've made up a simple yet an ingenius backstory for the game's storyline which the players can relate to as a guide while playing the game.
We will reveal this story once we've got a clear vission of each of the chapters. We've not yet finalized this aspect but it's safe to say that we know what we want. It's going to be epic!

The story will feature 5 factions including the factions that exist in Star Trek & Eve Online: the Caldarri, Amarr, Dominion, Federation, & Cardasians.

Server Multi-threading:

We've implemented multi-threading on our server to improve efficiency. Our goal is defeat lag which is common in single thread server applications. For this we've split the server tasks in sections: login, data i/o, & gameserver.

The login thread will be responsible for all task related to players joining, & leaving the game. The data i/o will be responsible for all task related to saving player data (statistics, inventory, quests). The gameserver thread will be responsible for all task running in realt time (player coordinates, mobs spawn, mobs coordinates, etc).

Other Updates:
We are happy with our progress. We've done quite a lot since the last update. We've managed to make work the visual grid inventory system, the login system, the 3D lighting effects, and the zoom-in & out effect for customized views.

Check out below for the snapshots.

We are very excited about this game. We hope that you are too! We are looking forward to releasing the alpha version as soon as we're ready!

If you've got any suggestions that might help this project, please let us know on the comments!

The login works: it prevents unauthorized logins and will let go authenticated users.

The Inventory works perfectly. We've picked up a few different sized items and they filled the storage where they can fit depending on their size. If an item requires 6 boxes, it will search for a vacant slot where 6 boxes (3 x 2) are unused.


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